Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What is the Virginia Graeme-Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act?

A.   Federal legislation introduced by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FLA) and signed into law by President Bush December 19, 2007. The law is aimed at reducing the number of drownings, suction entrapment deaths and injuries.


Q.   When is the law to become effective?

A.   The CPSC (U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission) has established December 19, 2008 as the effective date for commercial pools.


Q.   What is ASME/ANSI A112.19.8a-2008?

A.   This is the standard introduced March 2007 that defines the requirements of what drain covers must comply to and is mandated by the Virginia Graeme-Baker Act.


Q.   What is meant by an “unblockable drain”?

A.   Specific requirements are defined in ASME/ANSI A 112.19.8a-2008 and ANSI-7 but simply stated the drain must meet certain physical size/shape that will prevent human body from becoming entrapped by suction. Sometimes referred to as a “channel drain”.


Q.   What is the physical size of the AVSC drain?

A.   AVSC drain is 8” wide and 31.5” long.


Q.   What are the flow rate(s) (GPM) and velocity (FPS) of the drain(s)?

A.   Drains have been certified by NSF International as:

  • Dual Suction – 227 GPM at 1.1 FPS
  • Single Suction – 196 GPM at 1.09 FPS



Q.   What is meant by “large aperture” (debris removing)?

A.   ASME/ANSI A112.19.8a-2008 defines the requirements for large and small aperture drain openings. In summary, it is a drain where the drain opening is equal to or greater than one inch. This allows for large debris removal.


Q.   What is the purpose of the flow/safety diverter?

A.   The diverter is permanently installed as the last operation prior to filling. It provides a second level of protection against limb entrapment if the cover is removed or left off by providing a cover over the normally exposed open suction outlet.


Q.   Can more than one pump be run off a single drain?

A.   Yes. Up to two pumps can be run off one drain if the dual suction model is selected and total certified flows (GPM) are not exceeded.


Q.   Can a hydrostatic valve be installed?

A.   Yes. There is a model available with hydrostatic valve port installed.


Q.   Is the drain available for vinyl liner pools?

A.   Yes.


Q.   Are two drains and vent line required?

A.   To be in compliance with ANSI / APSP-7, Suction Entrapment Avoidance in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Catch Basins, a single unblockable drain is acceptable in lieu of two drains separated three feet and a vent line.